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About NPKalipro


NPKalipro is a team of professional growers. Collectively, they have over 50 years combined award winning horticulture experience. While recognizing each other individual talents they agreed to form a team of like-minded industry experts that can support, educate and motivate each other.  Together they share their expertise and resources while creating an unparalleled network of industry leaders.



The NPKaliPro team came together with one goal in mind…delivering the absolute best user friendly agricultural grade dry fertilizer blend!


After almost 2 decades of cultivating using other costly and unnecessary products, the NPKaliPro team agreed it was time to start manufacturing and delivering a perfect 3 Part Turn-Key Formula to their industry, while keeping cost-efficiency, maximum yield and quality results at the forefront of their approach ensuring the best possible growth for your crop.



The NPKaliPro teams experience covers all types of cultivation systems whether it be indoor, outdoor, greenhouse, full sun or mixed light. They are also exceptionally versed in a large variety of cultivating technologies including Rockwool, Hydroponics, Coco coir, Soilless Medias, Soil and Amended Soils. No matter what substrate or growing style you prefer, NPKaliPro can provide your crop with the well balanced nutrition solution it craves for optimum performance.

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